No matter what branch of logistics you are in, there should be no doubt about the importance of processes and information flows. Not only your business, but also those of your clients depend on your IT solution. That is why Boltrics developed a future-proof branch standard, based on the power of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

  • Promise #1

    Fixed time, fixed price

    All conceivable operational and logistical processes are standard incorporated in our software. So, no customization is required, because our branch standard contains all the functionality you need. The implementation is a matter of determining what you need, where we ensure that the software integrates seamlessly with the processes and roles in your company. That is why we guarantee a Fixed time & Fixed price implementation.

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  • Promise #2

    Always up to date

    Our software is developed for and by the branch. Functionalities are developed and shared branch-wide. All our customers work on the same version, so we can automate updates. This allows the software to be always up to date, even years after implementation. Without time and effort on your part. Thanks to the unique features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, maintenance and updates take place without disrupting the continuity of your business. Of course, you would expect nothing else from the branch standard!

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  • Promise #3

    The branch standard

    The dynamic world of logistics has numerous unique service providers. By contrast, they must deal with little distinctive, sector own processes. Not differences but similarities therefore underlie the versatile software platform of Boltrics. Together with the logistics branch, we continuously build on the branch standard: a modular solution where you decide what you want to use.

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  • Promise #4

    Microsoft technology

    Our solution is build and relies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV: a solution that combines flexibility with a high degree of stability and ease of use. Our software works seamlessly with familiar applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel. But also with the latest developments, such as Power and Power BI Apps. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available in 42 countries, is used by more than 110,000 companies and the annual budget for R&D from Microsoft is more than 11 billion dollars. Continuity and innovation ensured!

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  • Promise #5

    Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

    Our software is available as on-premise, cloud or hybrid. Do you want a combination of on-premise and cloud? Parts of software locally and the rest online? Or switch from on-premise to cloud (or vice versa). Possible, the choice is yours!

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With the modular software you can opt to incorporate all your primary business processes into a single software solution, or merely to select one specific module. You can also start with one module and subsequently add more. The possibilities are endless; it’s up to you!

Our 3PL Dynamics product is generally designed with logistics suppliers in mind, whereas Nekovri Dynamics (in collaboration with sector association Nekovri) is designed specifically with the cold store sector in mind.

3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics are based on sector-wide input, meaning all logistics suppliers can work with it. Irrespective of where in the Supply Chain you operate; at the start, just after the producer, or at the end upon retail delivery. So, whether you work with full pallets or bulk freight products and weight registration, or you want to have your order picking, VAL activities and EDI with your (retail) customer integrated in your ERP system; 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics cover it all!




On Premise Logistiek Dienstverlening
On premise

With the on premise variant the software is physically installed on your own server, be it at your offices, or externally with a data centre. The hardware is then managed by your own ITC department or by an external party. The software can subsequently be accessed within the organisation’s local area network (LAN).

Cloud Logistiek dienstverlening
In the cloud

If you would prefer your software ‘in the cloud’, then the software can be installed on a server somewhere in the ether that you link up with online, irrespective of your location. No additional worries about data & performance as ITC management is included in the monthly fee. Your ITC department manages the system purely at a functional level.

Hybride logistiek dienstverlening

Hybrid is a combination of cloud and on-site systems. For example: the logistics software is on-site and other software such as CRM online, Office365 and Power BI is in the cloud. Everything is fully integrated, meaning the users are unaware which environment they are working in. Moreover, the same log-in details are used for all systems.