Boltrics expands international network with Spanish Grupo Sofkia

Grupo Sofkia

Boltrics expands international network with Spanish Grupo Sofkia

The Spanish Grupo Sofkia recently signed a strategic partnership with Boltrics to enter the Spanish logistics market together. Boltrics – already represented in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, and Sweden – is expanding its international partner network with this collaboration.

Grupo Sofkia, the reference technology company in the region of Murcia (Spain), strengthens its product portfolio thanks to the collaboration with Boltrics. From now on, the Spanish company is an official partner of Boltrics, the Dutch company that focuses on delivering software for the logistics industry. Thanks to the alliance, the Spanish logistics sector can also benefit from the industry-specific functionalities already developed by Boltrics.

A suitable answer for the Spanish market

Sofkia is, just like Boltrics, a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, and already works with over 100 leading technology partners throughout Spain and Latin America to serve its customers. However, Sofkia did not have a suitable answer for the logistics sector. That changes with the cooperation with Boltrics.

Jan-Cornell of Ekris, Commercial Director at Boltrics: “Over 100 logistics service providers in the Netherlands already use our industry standard. But also in Spain, we see that the need for a future-proof solution is increasing. Many logistics service providers – from small to large – often still seem to support their business-critical processes with an outdated software package. However, their customers are already far ahead in terms of IT innovations and expect to be supported in this way. With all technical limitations and consequences. That puts logistics service providers in a squeeze. Thanks to the cooperation with Sofkia, we can offer the Spanish market – and eventually also Latin America – a better alternative with our branch solution.”

Manuel de Idoya Ruiz Fuentes, Technical Director at Sofkia: “Sofkia has set itself the goal of becoming the market leader in delivering innovative solutions to its customers. Thanks to Boltrics software, we are able to effortlessly support the unmet needs and requirements of logistics service providers. In addition, the software has been adapted to the specifications of the Spanish market, enabling us to offer our customers a modular solution with the certainty that it meets their requirements.











Sofkia is formed by 20 professionals with great knowledge of the sector.


Boltrics already works together with Spanish Quonext. Thanks to the addition of Sofkia to their partner network, Boltrics now has the opportunity to distribute its software solutions in a broader way on the Spanish and Latin American markets.

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