Hollander Barendrecht looks ahead and chooses new WMS

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Hollander Barendrecht looks ahead and chooses new WMS

Hollander Barendrecht celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019. The logistics service provider did this by looking ahead with inspiration from the past. Coupled with this vision, Hollander recently opted for the WMS in the Boltrics cloud.

With knowledge from the past, focused on a sustainable future

The logistics service provider for storage, management, and distribution of fresh and refrigerated products has been an established name in the industry for 90 years. In the anniversary year, the Barendrecht company was even rewarded with a place in the Dutch top 100 logistics service providers. By focusing one eye on the past – where the horse and cart were completely CO2-free – and the other eye on the future, Hollander Barendrecht remains competitive in a robust market. This focus on a sustainable future made it clear that the outdated customized solution no longer matched the objectives. In this way, the logistics service provider was looking for a future-proof Warehouse Management System, in which customer questions can be flexibly accommodated. The choice fell on the Boltrics industry standard.

Extensive service requires extensive support

Continuous innovation is the driving force behind Holland Barendrecht’s long-term success. As a result, she expanded the range of fresh and semi-fresh products, as well as her options in the supply chain service.

For this comprehensive service, the newcomer to the top 100 Dutch logistics service providers was looking for a software package that can seamlessly support all of this and grow along with it when the company or its customers do so. For example, Hollander will be scanning and printing via a secure HTTPS connection to accommodate the efficient cross-docking and cycle counting activities. Thanks to smart EDI and API connections and access to a web portal, customers stay informed in real-time about their products. All in all, Hollander can look forward to the future with confidence.

About the decision for 3PL Dynamics, Stein van Est, Managing Director at Hollander Barendrecht, said the following: “In the past 90 years, innovation and sustainability have set the tone with us. By responding to market opportunities with innovation and courage, we are where we are now and this is a position that we can all be proud of. In addition, we welcomed this year a big international customer. Partly as a result of this, we were looking for a future-oriented package that could accommodate comparable growth impulses. With the always up-to-date system from Boltrics, we can continue to work in our way and we do not have to be afraid to grow. This new WMS is another proof that innovation and future orientation are central. ”

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