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Working with a new software solution might take some practice. Did you find it difficult to get started with 365 for Transportation? Follow these help guides and you will be up and running in no time!

Getting started with 365 for Transportation | Boltrics

Getting started with 365 for Transportation

A quick overview will provide you with all the information you need to start your workday correctly. Discover how you show the most important information on your Role Center.

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Choose your Company and Role | Boltrics

Choose the desired Company and Role

In some cases an employer creates different units within a company, so they have an overview of each transportation site. If so, you need to be in the right environment for your business unit/company. Also, for each function within your company different information is necessary. So you also have to choose your role.

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Create orders and invoices

Within transportation companies, it is all about transport orders. It is your core business and therefore, order management should be as easy as possible. 365 for Transportation is built with the focus on user-friendliness and efficiency, so creating orders was never this easy.

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Customize | 365 for Transportation

Personalize 365 for Transportation

Within your organization, a lot of information is available. However, it not always necessary to see al this information to do your work correctly. For this reason you can change your Company and/or Role. Next to this adjustment, you can customize your environments to your own preferences.

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Ask our Support colleagues | Boltrics

Frequently asked questions

How to localize an address? Or how to prevent the system to create duplicate addresses and/or contacts? We have compiled the most frequently asked question for you in one document.


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FAQ 365 for Logistics | Boltrics

Still experiencing problems?

Do you experience problems with 365 for Transportation and is your question not listed? Our Support department is on hand to help.


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