Get your inventory and processes under control with a user-friendly Warehouse Management Service.

As a smaller logistics service provider, you are faced with endless challenges. From managing the goods of multiple customers to the increasing demands of customers and the need to maintain accurate financial accounts. All the while competing with larger enterprises. Are you wasting time registering the most simple warehouse activities? Feeling frustrated because you cannot meet your customer’s demand? Or is it a time-consuming task to calculate the storage costs.

Get ready to transform IT from a headache into a flexible, affordable driver of innovation! Because modern technology doesn’t have to be expensive. New cloud technology and innovations allow you to have the capabilities and benefits of running your business like a global company – without the associated costs and investments.

Create orders and invoices | 365 for Transportation

Get control over your administration with a powerful and easy WMS

365 for Warehouse is an online Warehouse Management System (WMS) specifically designed and optimized for small emerging logistics service providers who need to improve their warehouse and finance administration

Easily create orders, calculate the costs for storage and additional services, and generate invoices in one, single system. Gain real insight into the occupation of your warehouse and share information with customers on the go. Simple, easy and intuitive.

A cloud-based Warehouse solution that makes managing your business simple.

Forget the office

Forget the office

Get away from the office without closing down your business
Go to your son’s soccer game

Go to your son’s soccer game

Access your administration where and whenever you want on any device with 365 for Warehousing.

The branch standard for logistics service providers.

Save time and money with one integrated solution 
All data is available within the solution, providing you the requested management information at any given time, and enabling you to anticipate results with immediate effect. This saves you time, but in particular, money
Managing your customer service has never been this easy
Allow yourself to anticipate and respond quickly to customer questions and needs. One system for all activities ensures more transparency. If you receive a question from a customer, you only need to consult one system to find the answer.
Stop wasting time. Start managing your inventory on your phone
Save time, costs and be flexible. Use your smartphone to gain 24/7 access to your data. Share a shipment document with a customer on the go, easily request information or change data – simply on your mobile device. Damaged goods? Just photograph and report them via the app. All the data is automatically available in the system.

Your workday made easier with
365 for Warehousing


Set it up in less than 10 minutes

365 for Warehousing is easy to run and maintain. The how videos help you get up to speed. Get automatic updates delivered – without interruptions, and securely access your data from anywhere, any time you need to.


Cut administration cost with 50%

The app is a total solution for 3PL providers and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials. From orders to cash in one single system and one click. It shares the familiar Microsoft look and feel, making it easy to use and quick to operate.

Cut expenses

Reduce hardware expenses with 30%

Opt for ease of use and flexibility. Run it on your favorite web browser and any device: mobile, tablet or computer. It is simpler than you can imagine. No server or IT experience needed.

Erik Mandersloot, co-owner of Mantrans

“We were looking for a flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use software that seamlessly fits our processes. At the same time, there was the need for a standard solution, as otherwise the risk would be too big that we would, for example, stay behind the facts after 3 years. With the branch solution from Boltrics, we have found a system that is standard but in which we don’t compromise on flexibility. Thanks to the cloud technology, we don’t have to worry about the maintenance and performance of the system. That gives us the possibility to fully focus on optimizing our processes.”
Mantrans | Boltrics

Still not convinced?

Here are more benefits:

Angry customers due to poor delivery

Angry customers caused by poor delivery?

Delivered the wrong or even damaged goods? Stay in control of the goods that leave your warehouse. Capture all incoming goods, check the quality of goods and register any movement of goods for a transparent process. Reduce the handle time and increase the customer satisfaction.

Missing out on revenue | 365 for Warehousing

Missing out on revenue due to empty rackings?

Unused storage spaces and no insight into the most tactical placement of slow- and fast moving products within your warehouses – it all costs a lot of money. Stay on top of your occupancy rate and easily submit, plan and manage requests. You don’t even have to be at your office to do so.

Stop wasting time on invoicing

Wasting time on invoicing?

Does your administration take about 5 hours a week? Do you want to reduce it to one hour? Collect your cash faster. Invoice your orders quick and easy. Because with 365 for Warehousing all your warehouse activities per customer are registered.

Is your business located in the Netherlands?
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Wondering if 365 for Warehousing would be the right app for your business? Discover the possibilities and try the full version for free for 14 days. No credit card required.
365 for Warehousing is currently only available for business located in the Netherlands.

Get your business under control

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    Unlimited access to online training

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As the makers of 3PL Dynamics, we have over 10 years of experience developing business software for logistics service providers. 365 for Transportation brings our transportation software expertise to smaller businesses.

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