While forwarding goods cross-border, you want to unburden your customers. So, there should be no doubt about the completeness and accuracy of the required documents. With Boltrics’ customs software – supporting all customs flows in- and outside Europe – you have the knowledge to meet different formalities.

Customs forwarding software

Our software 3PL Dynamics offers comprehensive customs functionality. Allowing you to perform automated declaration, where the requisite documentation is generated automatically, providing you continuous insight into the customs process.


Customs entrepot

With our WMS solution, you comply with the administrative obligations that customs impose upon your customs entrepot. All goods in and goods out and mutations of goods are updated automatically, giving you continuous insight into stock (mutations) and enabling you to quickly and easily create an APD (automated periodic declaration) at the end of the month.

Customs integration & compliance

By integrating customs processes with the WMS, you significantly speed up the declaration process. Via the WMS all relevant customs data of goods is added; the integration prevents duplication and accelerates the process. Moreover, there is the option to predefine clearing checks at strategic points in the WMS activities, so all departments work efficiently together in accordance with the compliance formalities required by customs.

Customs declaration software

In the Netherlands, the declaration process with customs runs fully automated. Our customs software integrates seamlessly (via EDI: Electronic Data Interchange), with the systems used by Dutch customs and other government agencies. Leaving you to make quick and simple customs declarations.

AGS import & export




DGVS / Cargonaut


Customs FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Customs software

Is it possible to share document codes with the custom authorities? Is monitoring embedded? Leave no question unanswered. Read the most frequently asked questions about our customs solution.

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Accelerate the declaration process

The international demand for fast delivery of goods is growing, making logistics service providers facing major challenges. Prevent incorrect data entry, minimize administrative actions and enhance your competitiveness by automating your customs processes with one integrated solution.
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