E-commerce continues to grow, and so does your role as a logistics service provider. At a rapid pace, you have to process small orders in large quantities. In addition, your customers expect a 24/7 connection with their webshop, and traceability is a hard requirement. Are your clients satisfied with your service, or are you drowning in work?

Tap into the possibilities of e-fulfillment with 3PL Dynamics. Giving you access to the necessary functionalities you need to optimize your processes. Whether it concerns smart picking strategies, traceability, or an integration with your customers’ system.

Essential: a smart picking strategy

With e-fulfillment, orders often consist of small packages with only a few items from the warehouse. How you collect these orders is therefore essential for the efficiency of your process. Are you going to pick per item? Or do you want to assign orders automatically to your warehouse employees? Both options are possible within 3PL Dynamics.

Increase the picking efficiency

Pick multiple orders during a picking round, while you only have to stop at the location once. 3PL Dynamics supports various categories, including batch, single item, batch, package, and wave pick. Work with the pick strategy that best suits the situation.

Never lose sight of your backorders

Predicting the necessary stock levels can be a challenge. One month a specific product is in high demand, and the next it barely gets requested. Of course, you can predict a few things with your experience, knowledge, and possible historical reports. Nonetheless, perfect stock management hardly exists. As a result, you sometimes have to deal with the situation where your customer requests an article while it is not in stock. In that case, you will have to deal with backorders.
Are there not enough items in stock to complete an order? With 3PL Dynamics, you can complete the outbound order when these items are back in your warehouse.

VCK Logistics SCS runs e-fulfillment processes with Boltrics’ WMS

With 3PL Dynamics, VCK Logistics SCS provides the complete stock management and distribution of mobile phones, SIM cards, and associated accessories for 122 T-Mobile stores.

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The possibilities of


The next step with reverse logistics

Returns come in different flavors and each must be handled differently. Use workflows to determine what must be done with goods, which steps must be followed and which information must be recorded.

Connect with measuring and weighing machines

Create an interface with your measuring/weighing machines and enrich your master data. Simply by registering the weight of items directly in 3PL Dynamics. Enabling you to make a better estimation of the number of shipping carriers and transport less air.

Calculate the custody fee as you wish

Measure the stand per occupied location – regardless of the number of carriers. In addition, you can have different prices for each location size. In this way, you can create a sales invoice per week or per day based on the occupied locations of a specific customer.

EDI: Communicate 24/7 with your customers

Would you like to receive specifications in a pre-proposal or share information automatically with your customer? Easily exchange information with your clients and suppliers through an EDI connection.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Increase efficiency while picking
  • Streamline the backorder process
  • Improve data quality with measuring and weighing machines
  • Create a transparent process with track & trace
  • Reduce the workload in the office
  • Increase your customer satisfaction

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Case study

Nic. Oud supports e-fulfillment with Boltrics’ WMS
With a solid position in the Dutch top 5 e-fulfillment companies, Nic. Oud is a household name in the field of (e-) fulfillment. To support their growth ambitions, they use Boltrics’ WMS.

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