Software for cold storage logistics

Our software for cold storage logistics includes ERP, WMS, TMS and Forwarding in one. The total solution for cold stores. Everything is modular, the choice is yours! From warehousing and batch registration to temperature control and SSCC or EDI. All standard.

Nekovri Dynamics, the software standard for cold storage logistics

Nekovri Dynamics is a complete software solution specifically for cold storage logistics. All business and logistics processes are integrated into the software. Standard. To control and manage the temperature. For registration of batch numbers, production and expiry date information. But also for purchasing, sales, and finance. Integrated and customized. And for a fixed price. Of course, would you expect anything else from the branch standard?!

Brochure Nekovri Dynamics

Interested in what our software solution could offer your cold storage company? Download here the brochure.

software for cold storage logistics

Discover the possibilities of Nekovri Dynamics

Our software streamlines all your processes from A to Z. The solution has been developed with input from the entire industry, runs on the power of Microsoft and is always stays up-to-date. Discover yourself how Nekovri Dynamics can help your organization.

Samskip, Rasla Logistics & Lineage Logistics choose Nekovri Dynamics

Working with different systems that got outdated, a system that was at its maximum in terms of new functionalities and choosing the right WMS to kickstart the business. Those were the challenges Samskip, Lineage Logistics and Rasla Logistics encountered.


Why did they choose for the software of Boltrics? What are the results and quick wins of the WMS? And what is their advice? It is time to give them a call!

Dutch Association of Cold Stores


Our software for cold storage logistics is developed in collaboration with Nekovri, the Dutch sector association for cold storage companies. For and by the branch. That is why our software solution may bear the name NEKOVRI Dynamics!

Nekovri koel- en vries logistiek

Better quality

More efficient

Nekovri Dynamics automates logistics processes in your warehouse, making it run efficiently and seamlessly. With a minimum of administrative actions and movements. Lowering costs and improving quality. The first profit.

Your business in control

Nekovri Dynamics streamlines your operations and makes it transparent. Employees easily find and share information. Management reports provide actual and clear information, so you know what is happening and can make deliberate adjustments. Customers have online access to their current inventories, a service that reduces the number of phone calls. And that fosters productivity.

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Make your work easier with Nekovri Dynamics

Wondering if our Nekovri Dynamics would be the right fit for your business? Request a free trial and discover the possibilities.

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