Updaten Business Central v17
The last one is out: why you have to update

Both the logistics industry, as the developments in IT are continuously in motion. That is no surprise with the increasing customer demands you as a logistics service provider face, but it is at the same time difficult to keep up with. That may even have...

Boltrics Trein
Microsoft sets course: the Boltrics train is moving forward

Every month, Samsung and Apple run an update on your smartphone and Google is improving its browser and systems regularly as well. Even though you might be annoyed by the notifications for updates and click on the ‘remind me later’ button, you don’t want the...

Boltrics new webclient
Business Central: get a sneak peak of the new look & feel

This spring, we start with the updates to the new version of Business Central. What changes due to this update and at least as important: what does the new interface look like? The new web client A Microsoft Dynamics webclient is nothing new. Since 2012, when...