Workshop: WMS Contracts

Do you experience the limitations of service tariffs and service agreements? Do you want to start working with WMS Contract, but are you struggling with converting current agreements to WMS Contracts? For example, how do you add a new service line to your contracts? And how do you bring your contracts live successfully? Learn this and more, during the workshop WMS Contracts.

To do so, you don’t even have to leave your home. During the online session, you can join from your own work station. Because the workshop takes place online, you can improve your knowledge while following government regulations against the coronavirus.

Discover the secrets of WMS Contracts

Bring your own objectives – a specific activity or wish that you can work on yourself – and conclude the workshop with a working solution. With the help of practical examples, we convert service tariffs and agreements to WMS Contracts in just 2 sessions. You and your fellow participants work on your objectives in your own digital environments and the consultant offers support with practical hints and handles.

During the workshop, the consultant dives deeper into the specifics of the contracts, explains storage fees, and helps with the calculations. Furthermore, after the workshop, you know exactly which set up executes the service calculations. In other words, when do you chose for ‘article per line’?

You learn how to insert periodic services and what the benefits are of Operational Services. The result: after the workshop, you know all the tricks of WMS Contracts and you can easily set them up yourself. To make sure you can start working with WMS Contracts, the consultant helps setting up and activating a WMS Contract for at least one customer in PROD, during the individual follow up session.

Benefit from others in the branch

The setup of our workshops is in line with Boltrics’ peloton philosophy. As so, learning from and with each other is an important asset in our workshops. When one of our customers requests a certain subject, all other customers are provided with the possibility to join the workshop too. This results in a fully filled workshop in which you can benefit from the knowledge of our consultant and the other participants. For example, you can share challenges and together we find the best solution for your problems. Furthermore, more participants mean less costs per participant (costs vary per workshop).

As the initiator of the workshop, you will be the first to receive the invitation. Therefore you will have the first chance of registering.


Based on 2 sessions + 2 hours remote follow up

Number of participants Costs per participant
1 €1450
2 of 3 €880
4 tot 6 €540

To guarantee the quality of the workshop, a maximum number of six participants is applied.

The remote follow up session is meant to bring the system live in your organization. During these hours, the final steps are made towards at least one live customer in WMS Contracts. This contains:

  • Deleting service agreements and service tariffs
  • Activating status function ‘insert services based on contract lines’ and deactivating status function ‘insert services based on service agreements’ for specific situations.
  • Executing one inbound/outbound/VAL order

Do you want to start with WMS Contracts?

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About the workshop

Date: 15th + 22nd June

Duration: 2 dayparts

Costs: €1450 – €540 (depending on the number of participants)

Do you have a question about the workshop costs, dates or set up? Or do you want to request a workshop? Contact our Customer Succes Team via +31 318 742550 or send an e-mail to