The three advantages of our ‘always up to date guarantee’

Boltrics works with the ‘always up to date guarantee’; All our customers work on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics. What does this mean? And how do we ensure this?

1. Always up to date: New functionality
Our solutions 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics are developed for and by the branch. New functionalities are created for the entire industry and not (custom-made) for one company. New functionality is (only) developed in the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, as all our customers work on the latest version. Ensuring everyone can benefit. We inform our customers about new functionality via our website, social media and newsletters. Companies interested in the new functionality receive a quotation for the instalment of the new functionality.

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2. Always up to date: More beneficial than a reimplementation
Without updates, the software will deviate from the latest version. After a few years this will lead to a complete reimplementation, because the software is outdated and no longer meets the ever-changing requirements. Customers of Boltrics do not have to deal with reimplementations; even years after implementing their solution is fully updated – at a fixed and relatively low price. So, our customers save themselves the costs of a reimplementation.

3. Always up to date: Latest Microsoft technology
Microsoft invests more than 11 billion dollars in research and development. This guarantees continuous development and innovation. Whether it concerns cloud, big data and internet of things, Microsoft ensures that its products are ready for it. Using the unique development philosophy of Boltrics and the standardized solution, we can follow the development of Microsoft like no other. Thus, our customers can take advantage of the latest technologies and developments.

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