Cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Our software is available as on-premise, cloud or hybrid.
Do you want a combination of on-premise and cloud? Parts of software locally and the rest online? Or switch from on-premise to cloud (or vice versa). All that is possible, the choice is yours! That’s the power of Microsoft technology on which we based Nekovri Dynamics and 3PL Dynamics.

On-premise software

Do you own an excellent server park and a strong IT department? Then you would probable opt for an on-premise version of our software. The software is physically installed on a (private) server. And the hardware is then managed by your own IT department or by an external party. Nekovri Dynamics / 3PL Dynamics can subsequently be accessed within the organization’s local area network (LAN). Is your internet connection unstable? Then an on-premise version can definitely be the best solution. Or if one of your sites experience a poor internet connection, the software can be installed on premise for that specific site.

Own servers

Also works with poor internet connection

Cloud software

If you would prefer your software ‘in the cloud’, then the software can be installed on a server somewhere in the ether that you link up with online, irrespective of your location. No additional worries about data & performance as ITC management is included in the monthly fee. Your IT department manages the system purely at a functional level.
You are free to (temporary) increase or decrease the number of users.

no investment costs

availability 99.9% guaranteed

Low monthly fees

Hybride software

Hybrid is a combination of cloud and on premise systems. For example: the logistics software is on-site and other software such as CRM online, Office365 and Power BI is in the cloud.
Everything is fully integrated, meaning the users are unaware which environment they are working in. Moreover, the same log-in details are used for all systems.

Does one of your sites have a poor internet connection? Then it is possible to allow only that site to run an on premise version of the software and other sites from the cloud. Change back again? The software of Boltrics makes it possible.

Same login for all software (cloud or local)

Flexible: switch to cloud or on-premise whenever you want

Cybersecurity: protect your data

The logistics database is growing and with it the attraction it has on criminals. How can you protect your system resistant to unwanted intruders? Do you have the knowledge to do that? By choosing for a cloud solution, for example, you make your local network less interesting for hackers.

Precautions to minimize the chance of a hack

With the precautions in our whitepaper you minimize the chance of a successful hack.

Download our whitepaper

Curious about our tips to protect your systems?