The branch standard

Our software is fully attuned to logistics service providers. All business and logistics processes are standard integrated in the software. You no longer need customisation therefore, as our software seamlessly integrates with the processes and roles in your company!

Why develop custom-made software when the branch standard already provides? Our software includes all the branch specific functionality you require. Standard! No expensive and time consuming custom-made programs needed.
No endless deployments with high risks. What you get is a complete and quick deployable WMS / TMS / FMS system that fits your organisation. The software connects seamlessly with the processes and roles within your organisation!

The power of

Our solutions 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics are developed for and by the branch. The entire branch benefit from new developments in the software. Functionalities are developed and shared branch-wide: everyone should be able to work with it in the branch. That is the power of the branch standard!

standaard software
Standard software for logistic service providers

The benefits of

Our software is designed as the branch standard, but that does not mean it is inflexible. Because we work with the latest Microsoft technology, we can make full advantage of the possibilities that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers. We define workflows by company individually, as well as additional fields and reports. So actually, still quite a bit of custom-made.

Custom vs. (branch) standard software
6 questions to help you make a choice

Having difficulty to choose between custom or a (branch) standard solution? With the tight margins you are faced with as a logistics service provider, a bad buy is the last thing you want. We have, therefore, drawn up 6 questions to help you make a choice.