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CRM for logistics suppliers

When you handle the logistics services for your customers, there is much more to it than just streamlining the processes. It is largely about the communication and the network that you have built up. Does it take too much time to record the interaction and rate agreements with customers and prospects? Does each colleague use their own way to register incidents and complaints? Are you irritated that it seems impossible to make the sales pipeline transparent? And does it feel like gambling to indicate what the impact is of a marketing activity?

Stop solely relying on your gut feeling, and support your decisions with data. Because Microsoft Dynamics has a CRM module that allows you to easily manage the interaction with customers and prospects. This way you can easily maintain personal contact with your customers and prospects through different channels, always have insight into your sales pipeline and real-time insight into the impact of marketing investments. For example, follow a sales opportunity from “lead” to “deal” and improve the efficiency of your marketing initiatives with integrated sales and marketing statistics.

Geniet van de mogelijkheden van CRM zónder de noodzaak van een aparte oplossing | Boltrics

Enjoy the possibilities of CRM without the need for a separate solution

When the communication with your customers highly depends on the data in your ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics can offer a solution. With the CRM module – standard available in Microsoft Dynamics – you have insight and the tools you need. And all of that seamlessly integrated with your logistics and financial processes. This allows you to focus on your core task: ensuring a positive customer experience.

Reduce the administrative burden. Record (tariff) agreements in one system

Chances are that you do not have one (fixed) price list, but work with specific price and discount agreements for each client. Prevent a complex integration process or a situation where your sales team must capture information in multiple systems. Bring all the data together in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and realize one single source of truth. Less administration. Less frustration. More sales.

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The Sales tools

  • Manage your sales opportunities
  • Never miss a task again
  • Insight with graphs and dashboard


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The Marketing tools

  • Work with segments
  • Manage your campaigns
  • Measure your success


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The Service tools

  • Record interactions
  • Manage expectations with SLAs
  • Create a knowledge base

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The sales tools within Microsoft Dynamics

Manage your sales opportunities

Make the most of your activities with a structured approach and enable your sales team to excel with Microsoft Dynamics. Manage your sales cycles and segment these if desired by type of service or customer classifications. In addition, use the available data to identify which processes work best, where you have to adjust your offer and which potential assignment are in the pipeline.

Never miss a task again

Manage your time and keep control of the workload with tasks. For example, automatically create tasks using your opportunity cycles, see which tasks are overdue and record interactions.

Insight with graphs and dashboard

Easily compose a graph and segment information for more overview. This way you can easily create a reliable representation of sales performance. Add the dashboards to the role center, so you always have the information at hand.

The marketing tools within Microsoft Dynamics

Segment your contacts

A successful marketing campaign starts with a targeted audience. However, you do not want to spend hours on drafting a mailing list. Simply create a segment of your contacts based on the data in your system. Manually compiling a list of contacts becomes a task of the past.

Manage your campaigns

Get started with marketing campaigns and e-mailing, and increase the effectiveness of your activities. Link your campaigns to segments, discounts, offers, and your sales performance.

Measure your success

Make sure there is no doubt about the added value of your marketing campaigns. Use the data in Microsoft Dynamics, create reports and diagrams on both the costs and the successes of marketing campaigns.

The service tools within Microsoft Dynamics

Bring all relevant information together in one place

Record the contact details of the parties involved and know exactly who must be informed about the progress. Capture also the detailing of a report, such as the problem, cause, solution and (outstanding) actions. In addition, it is also possible to link related documents such as photos, CMRs, etc. to the report so that they are centrally available to colleagues and, if necessary, for the customer.

Register a notification from a document

Create a notification from a document: result, entry, shipment or forwarding. This way you know exactly which articles, orders and/or employees relating to a report.

Record interactions and appointments

Eliminate duplication and increase productivity. Record interactions with the parties involved and ensure that employees know what the status is. But also what communication has already taken place.

Manage expectations with SLAs

Avoid creating ambiguity about the agreements and ensure that your employees and customers are aware of the agreements. Register customer agreements through service level agreements. This way your customers know exactly when they can expect a response.

Streamline your internal incident registration

Forget the paper “to do” lists and integrate your internal notifications. This way you not only streamline the communication towards your clients but also towards your internal stakeholders.

Get insight into the possibilities for improvement

Is there a trend line observable? Analyze the progress with the extensive reporting options and give yourself the opportunity to implement structural improvements thanks to newly acquired insights.

Create a knowledge base

Register frequent reports and easily build a knowledge base. This means that recurring notifications can be handled in a standard repetitive manner. And as a bonus: new colleagues are up-and-running faster thanks to this knowledge base.

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The advantages at a glance:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Focus on the right prospects
  • Gain insight into the expected turnover
  • A better understanding of the sales activities of your team
  • Better cooperation between sales, marketing and service
  • Always and everywhere available

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