ERP / Integrations

Our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The software works so seamlessly with your employees familiar programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available in 42 countries worldwide, used by more than 110,000 companies and the Microsoft annual budget for research and development is more than $ 11 billion. Continuity and innovation is guaranteed with us!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a global ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) that help small and medium businesses control their finance and simplify supply-, production- and business activities.

Ease of use Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central has the same comfort like Microsoft Office. Therefore, your employees quickly find their way into the system. Users only see what they can use (user based), which makes the system even more transparent. And integration with other software solutions enhances collaboration between your employees.

Reliability & continuity

Microsoft invests billions in R&D to secure the quality of Dynamics 365 Business Central: there is no other ERP system in which so much is being developed. Something you can experience in new releases (almost every year) which offers many new functionalities.
Microsoft clearly states its view regarding future product developments and new features to expect.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for SMEs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a flexible solution for small and medium organisations between 25 and 1,000 employees. As a Microsoft partner, Boltrics have developed its solutions for logistics services based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. The power of Microsoft and the knowledge of Boltrics of logistics service providers: an ideal combination!

ERP/Finance & CRM & Office 365 & Power BI

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Power BI makes it a powerful business solution that evolves with your organisation: 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics for logistics processes, Dynamics 365 Business Central for invoicing, CRM for sales & services, Power BI for visual, real-time insights and Office 365 for collaboration features.

Switch from local to cloud, or vice versa

Dynamics 365 Business Central is fully integrated with Windows Azure, Microsoft’s well-secured cloud platform. No expensive servers and maintenance required, because your entire software can be hosted from the cloud, including email (no Exchange Server needed), CRM and office. Prefer locally or switch whenever you want? The software of Boltrics makes it possible.



Our software is based on industry-wide input, so all logistic service providers can work with it perfectly!
3PL Dynamics

3PL Dynamics: software for logistic service providers in transport, storage and transhipment.

Nekovri Dynamics

Nekovri Dynamics: software voor service providers in

cold storage logistics.

Microsoft technology

Our software is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ultimate business solution for SMEs. Dynamics 365 Business Central is exceedingly flexible and offers the trusted look&feel of Microsoft, enabling your team to work with it comfortably and easily.
Microsoft’s development team works continuously on Dynamics 365 Business Central. New options in Dynamics 365 Business Central are also available in 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics. Because our customers always work with the latest software release, they all benefit from the latest options Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV voor logistiek dienstverleners


FMS, WMS, TMS, Customs and Finance

In our software for logistic service providers, WMS, TMS and FMS are completey integrated. This makes the software a complete solution for logistics suppliers handling Warehousing, Transport and Forwarding, including the corresponding customs formalities.
As such you can track your consignments through the entire logistics process, and you enjoy continuous insight at both customer and consignment level.

On Premise Logistiek Dienstverlening
On site

With the on-site variant the software is physically installed on your own server, be it at your offices, or externally with a data centre. The hardware is then managed by your own ITC department or by an external party. The software can subsequently be accessed within the organisation’s local area network (LAN).

Cloud Logistiek dienstverlening
In the cloud

If you would prefer your software ‘in the cloud’, then the software can be installed on a server somewhere in the ether that you link up with online, irrespective of your location. No additional worries about data & performance as ITC management is included in the monthly fee. Your ITC department manages the system purely at a functional level.

Hybride logistiek dienstverlening

Hybrid is a combination of cloud and on-site systems. For example: the logistics software is on-site and other software such as CRM online, Office365 and Power BI is in the cloud. Everything is fully integrated, meaning the users are unaware which environment they are working in. Moreover, the same log-in details are used for all systems.