FMS Freight Forwarding software

Our Freight Forwarding software is the ultimate software solution for handling air freight, sea freight, road freight and customs activities; you administrate the procurement and sale of transport services (forwarders); from planning down to invoice. Be it a single transport order or a set of groupage requests; you have constant oversight into your performance levels.


Portbase, Cargonaut & customs

You are a central partner, working closely with other parties in the market. With direct links such as Port Base (Seafreight) and Cargonaut (Airfreight) and the Dutch customs for making declarations, simplify the process and avoid mistakes. All from a single software solution.

fms forwarding air and sea freight

Import & Export

Sea freight

With Sea Freight Export you book complete containers (FCL, Full Container Load) or consolidated containers (LCL, Less than Container Load) for your customers. You register the details necessary for the export consignment, and subsequently quickly generate a booking confirmation, transport request, customs request, customs clearance document or Transit declaration, a CMR waybill, or a shipment instruction.
The sea freight module can be linked to the INTTRA booking portal as well as Portbase (Dutch ports).
With Sea Freight Import you register the details necessary for an FCL or LCL import booking, after which an arrival notice, transport request, CMR waybill, a delivery order, a customs import document or a transit declaration can be generated.
VCK Logistics Airfreight

VCK Logistics Airfreight streamlines their air freight specific processes with Boltrics

Eric Aarsen, Managing Director at VCK Logistics Airfreight: “With 3PL Dynamics, we can easily realize interfaces with 3rd parties and it enables us to support our air freight specific processes. In addition, the same solution also houses our warehouse and transport activities, which makes it possible to integrate all process in one solution, enter data only once, and gain with our management information a complete overview of all our activities at a glance.”

Automatic processing

purchase invoices

The logistics and financial activities are both covered. You can directly match incoming invoices to the agreements made earlier on in the logistics process, helping to keep errors to a minimum and thus increasing your margin.

If you prefer, this process can be entirely automated using our Document Capture module that digitally saves all your documents, and purchase invoices are automatically created and matched.

Groupage &

Road freight

Groupage and LTL (Less Than Truckload) forwarders deal with several collection points and delivery addresses per route which makes planning groupage shipments highly complex. Improvement in efficiency is achieved through cross-docking and the right bulking of consignments.
In our FMS software, you can make optimal schedules for your drivers and you are one step ahead of traffic jams and delays, for example.
The import and export of groupage / LTL consignments are handled in the groupage module. Separate bookings are registered per destination that is subsequently linked to a container file as split consignments. The software bears the total weight and format of the split consignments in mind. It is a quick matter for you to then compile loading lists and a container manifest.

Import & Export

Air freight

With the air freight module in our FMS software you handle all your air freight processes: requests for quotes, shipments, bookings and order processing. The corresponding documentation is generated by the software. Our forwarding software can be linked to the well-known air logistics companies, such as Cargonaut.

With export consignments, the House Air Way Bill and the Master Air Way Bill can then be printed off or sent as an email. Links with customs systems for import and export can be quickly facilitated.



The forwarding of goods demands expertise and a single system that supports all customs flows, which is why our FMS software offers comprehensive customs functionality. Automated declarations, and automated corresponding documentation; whilst you retain continuous insight into the customs process.

Freight forwarding software: register all relevant data, and stay informed at all times

For the international transport of goods, the proper export and import documents are required to get the goods smoothly across the border, and to prevent to pay too much import duties. Manage the entire process with one single solution – from beginning to end.
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Our software is based on industry-wide input, so all logistic service providers can work with it perfectly!
3PL Dynamics

3PL Dynamics: software for logistic service providers in transport, storage and transshipment.

Nekovri Dynamics

Nekovri Dynamics: software for service providers in

cold storage logistics.

Microsoft technology

Our software is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ultimate business solution for SMEs. Dynamics 365 Business Central is exceedingly flexible and offers the trusted look&feel of Microsoft, enabling your team to work with it comfortably and easily.
Microsoft’s development team works continuously on Dynamics 365 Business Central. New options in Dynamics 365 Business Central are also available in 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics. Because our customers always work with the latest software release, they all benefit from the latest options Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV voor logistiek dienstverleners


FMS, WMS, TMS, Customs, and Finance

In our software for logistic service providers, WMS, TMS, and FMS are completely integrated. This makes the software a complete solution for logistics suppliers handling Warehousing, Transport, and Forwarding, including the corresponding customs formalities.
As such you can track your consignments through the entire logistics process, and you enjoy continuous insight at both customer and consignment level.

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With the on-site variant, the software is physically installed on your own server, be it at your offices, or externally with a data center. The hardware is then managed by your own IT department or by an external party. The software can subsequently be accessed within the organization’s local area network (LAN).

In the cloud

If you would prefer your software ‘in the cloud’, then the software can be installed on a server somewhere in the ether that you link up with online, irrespective of your location. No additional worries about data & performance as IT management are included in the monthly fee. Your IT department manages the system purely at a functional level.


Hybrid is a combination of cloud and on-site systems. For example, the logistics software is on-site and other software such as CRM online, Office365 and Power BI is in the cloud. Everything is fully integrated, meaning the users are unaware which environment they are working in. Moreover, the same log-in details are used for all systems.

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