Transportation Management Software

Boltrics’ TMS software supports all transportation management activities of 3PL logistics service provision, such as order management, shipment planning, route planning, contract management, as well as the complete management of tariffs, surcharges, and fleet etc. Links are also available as standard with various onboard unit systems and with advanced planning systems (APS).

Management information in TMS

The TMS provides your requested management information at any given time, enabling you to anticipate results with immediate effect. This saves you time, but in particular, money.


With Dynamics 365 Business Central you have all the basic functionalities of a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) at your fingertips. The TMS offers all functionalities for transport activities which can be expanded upon with various modules.
Transportation Management Software
Estron: WMS software extended with TMS, FMS, and ERP

Estron: WMS software extended with TMS, FMS, and ERP

Since early 2016, Estron has been working with Boltrics’ TMS. The choice for this system was obvious after the warehouse management system (WMS) of Boltrics had already been implemented one and a half years ago. Rene Hoogvliet, IT Manager at Estron Group: “In the past, we deliberately opted for systems from different software vendors. We did not want to be dependent on one software supplier with the risk of major downtime for all systems at once. Now we’re using the reverse strategy and we’d like everything in one system.”


TMS software


Order management

Submitting, planning, managing and invoicing for transport requests. Accessible to planners, drivers, and customers.
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ModulesContracts and tariffs

Specify tariff agreements with customers and subcontractors in the TMS in line with each preferred calculation method.

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Linking onboard units

Your onboard units can be linked to the TMS software for the exchange of data pertaining to unloaded goods, packaging, delays, losses, petrol receipts, etc.

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Shipment and route planning

Our software can be linked to Advanced Planning Systems (APS / shipment optimization), such as Ortec and PTV, for automatic shipment planning. You communicate directly with the drivers via the TMS.

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Fuel management

Save on your fuel costs with insight into fuel consumption.

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Fleet management

Prevent stoppage and reduce your fleet costs with intelligent fleet management.

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Tracking & tracing

Track your vehicles and consignments en route, for planning optimization, theft prevention, mileage administration and customer despatch tracking purposes.

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Quick and easy invoicing of your transport requests, in addition to simple control of incoming invoices from subcontractors or self-billing.

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Automated customs declarations, generate customs documentation, and track the declaration process in your TMS. Our software works in sync with the systems used by Dutch Customs.

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App for drivers

With the app for mobile devices, drivers are informed of which consignments are due. Upon delivery, the recipient signs it off digitally. All the data is automatically entered into the TMS and is accessible to everyone. Damages can be photographed and reported on via the app.

Customer portal

Via the customer portal, your customer sees the status of their consignment. Moreover, the customer can create new requests, signed-off freight documents can be printed off and invoices perused. All in all that saves on time-consuming requests!

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TMS system: control the entire route

Of course, you want to plan the shipment of your customers as efficiently and economically as possible, so that you increase margins. Stay in control of your transportation administration with our powerful and easy-to-use TMS. From order to invoice – all in one system.
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Our software is based on industry-wide input, so áll logistic service providers can work with it perfectly!
3PL Dynamics

3PL Dynamics: software for logistic service providers in transportation, storage, and transshipment.

Nekovri Dynamics

Nekovri Dynamics: software for service providers in

cold storage logistics.

Microsoft technology

Our software is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ultimate business solution for SMEs. Dynamics 365 Business Central is exceedingly flexible and offers the trusted look&feel of Microsoft, enabling your team to work with it comfortably and easily.
Microsoft’s development team works continuously on Dynamics 365 Business Central. New options in Dynamics 365 Business Central are also available in 3PL Dynamics and Nekovri Dynamics. Because our customers always work with the latest software release, they all benefit from the latest options Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV voor logistiek dienstverleners


FMS, WMS, TMS, Customs, and Finance

In our software for logistic service providers, WMS, TMS, and FMS are completely integrated. This makes the software a complete solution for logistics suppliers handling Warehousing, Transportation, and Forwarding, including the corresponding customs formalities.
As such you can track your consignments through the entire logistics process, and you enjoy continuous insight at both customer and consignment level.

Get your business under control.

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With the on-site variant, the software is physically installed on your own server, be it at your offices, or externally with a data center. The hardware is then managed by your own IT department or by an external party. The software can subsequently be accessed within the organization’s local area network (LAN).

In the cloud

If you would prefer your software ‘in the cloud’, then the software can be installed on a server somewhere in the ether that you link up with online, irrespective of your location. No additional worries about data & performance as IT management are included in the monthly fee. Your IT department manages the system purely at a functional level.


Hybrid is a combination of cloud and on-site systems. For example, the logistics software is on-site and other software such as CRM online, Office365 and Power BI is in the cloud. Everything is fully integrated, meaning the users are unaware which environment they are working in. Moreover, the same log-in details are used for all systems.