Optimize your journeys and keep track of the latest status with the graphical planning board from Boltrics.

Customers – naturally – demand a tight price and fast delivery. But at the same time, rising wage ad fuel costs are pushing your return. In order to maintain financially healthy as a company, it ultimately revolves around utilization of the fleet and maximum availability of your drivers. Are you afraid that you are wasting money due to unfortunate planned stops? Do last minute changes cause chaos in the workplace? And is it a true quest to find out where the truck is?

If so, then discover Dime.Scheduler. This graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the solution for the beforementioned problems. A graphical tool that seamlessly integrates with Boltrics’ TMS and effortlessly supports your business processes.

The next generation graphical resource planning

The combination of Boltrics’ TMS and Dime.Scheduler’s graphical planning board offers your transport planners the visual experience that facilitates their work. Resources can be easily planned and assigning orders with the intuitive interface is a piece of cake. Are the trucks on the road by now? It then turns out that providing insight into where your resources are and which needs extra attention was never this easy.

Go for flexibility & control with a web-based planning board

Dime.Scheduler is completely web-based and offers a responsive user interface with drag & drop functionalities – even if desired in batches and on the map. Easily project the loading- and unloading addresses on a map by marking an area on it. The system then directly shows how many load meters or pallet places it concerns and offers the possibility to (with one mouse click) combine the selection to a ride. After, immediately plan the journey with the corresponding orders by simply selecting the available resources. From truck, to trailer, to driver.

Easy to completely adjust to your wishes

For more ease of use and an optimal overview, the tool can also be adjusted to the preferences of the user in just a few mouseclicks. Afraid that the tool does not match your company-specific requirements? From the basis, Dime.Scheduler takes the subtle differences that make your business processes unique into account. This makes the tool extremely flexible and user-friendly.

An intuitive graphical planning tool that allows you to easily plan and/or allocate resources

The graphical scheduler helps you to easily plan or assign resources to a specific task and/or order. When we talk about resources, you can think about trucks, trailers and drivers. Multiple resources can be assigned to one single task at the same time, on different moments and on overlapping moments.

Why do we choose Dime.Scheduler?

From the wide range of available solutions, it made perfect sense to choose Dime.Scheduler. The most important reason for choosing Dime.Scheduler’s graphical (resource) planning : its flexibility, the user friendliness and the fact that their solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics.

The most important benefits together

  • A graphical planning board with more views
  • Drag & drop planning
  • Time bar navigation
  • Assign orders to multiple resources
  • Define returning recurring patterns such as in Outlook
  • Smart resource filtering with filter groups
  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping
  • Customizable user-interface
  • Supported in multiple languages
  • Supports a data-driven setup
  • Order color, time marking and priority based on order data
  • Support for multiple databases

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