Keep your current inventory up-to-date with Cycle Counting.

A difference between the administrative stock in your system and the actual stock in your warehouse is inevitable. When you do not quickly solve this, you can end up in difficult situations. For instance, think about orders you cannot fulfill or customer’s questions you are unable to answer correctly. Besides, rapidly counting the stock after each question is no option, due to the labor intensity and error sensitivity of that task.

Our Cycle Counting module creates structure in stock take. Your WMS instructs your warehouse employees to do current counts with their scanning devices. During this procedure, their results are directly registered in the system. While you keep control of the entire process.

Design it in a way that suits your company best

How you integrate Cycle Counting within your processes is entirely up to you. You can, for example, link it to each order pick activity. Also, you can periodically build in the counting process. Or you can even configure it in a way that the system warns you when an article is below a number you suggested. And you also gain more freedom when it comes to the way you manage the counting orders. Shortly: you experience the convenience of customization within a standard solution.

Implementing is, together with you, done in no-time

Cycle Counting – or stock taking – saves you lots of time. So you might think: implementing it takes at least the same amount of time. Luckily, that is not true. Our consultant brings you a visit on a desired moment. Together with you, he will look at your processes and which setup best suits these. Next, it is time to get started and before you know it, Cycle Counting is up and running. It is done before you are able to manually count your stock.

A waterproof counting process, directed by your WMS

Stocktaking is splitting the annual count of your entire stock into separate parts. Next, you divide these over multiple periods. If such a period is there, the WMS creates new lines in the temporary table of Cycle Counting. A shadow estimate becomes active. Only when the order count is successfully done, this shadow estimate disappears. All there is left now, is an exact, current stock. Count your profit.

Make it count with Cycle Counting.

Although Cycle Counting may sound as one process, the module contains many possibilities. You can decide what is the flavor of your taste. At what moment would you like to count? What is the span of control you want to keep? And what does it gain you and other parties involved? Discover it in the leaflet.

View the leaflet

Limit counting errors to a minimum

By determining the span of control yourself, you limit the number of errors to a minimum. Does one of your employees discovers a difference? Then nothing gets confirmed until another colleague does a recount.

Design the counting process in detail in only one day

Although Cycle Counting saves you lots of time, implementing the process is done in a relatively short amount of time. Together with the consultant, you set up your wish list and he will get right to work for you.

Make just-in-time replenishment the standard

By always keeping your administrative stock up-to-date, you limit the risk of empty shelfs. Does your stock reaches a predefined minimum? Then you will instantly receive a notification. At the same time, this prevents your warehouse from becoming too full.

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