Printing labels

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an internationally accepted dispatch code applied to boxes, pallets and containers as a barcode. Via our WMS software you can design your own SSCC labels – per customer, delivery address or customer item. You determine how many barcodes are placed on the label and where your SSCC number, product, quantity and batch number is placed. With this WMS functionality you can print off labels that optimally reflect the wishes of/agreements with your customer.


The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an internationally accepted code applied to boxes, pallets and containers as a barcode. The code serves as unique carrier ID (pallets or boxes). The exchange of information between the supplier and purchaser runs more efficiently when using SSCC labels, due to the information about the goods and packaging that is linked to the code. GS1 is a global organisation that has designed a standard for barcodes, with which besides an item code, supplementary information (such as batch number, storage life date etc.) can be displayed in a barcode.
SSCC and GS1 labels can be interpreted once delivered for shipment.
SSCC follows a number sequence, as agreed with GS1. When printing you use your customer’s number sequence or you use your own number sequence.

Creating SSCC/GS1 label lay-outs in Dynamics 365 Business Central

In the WMS you create your preferred lay-out of the SSCC/GS1 labels per customer, delivery address and/or customer item. You determine the number of barcodes and the position of the SSCC number, product data and issues such as quantity, batch number, and best before date. Where necessary the identifiers can be made mandatory per barcode. By doing so you prevent incomplete labels being printed.

Printing SSCC labels

With goods in, goods out, carrier, or scanner the labels can be directly printed off on the printer (e.g. ZPL printers). For this the WMS generates the necessary code for the relevant printer, enabling you to make optimal use of your printer’s functionality.

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