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Whitepaper: Quick wins to run a smooth customs declaration process

As a logistics service provider, you are focused on international trade and you will have to deal with customs and related government agencies in one way or another. Customs play a crucial role in international trade – after all, they give the final permission to import or export, issue permits and have an advisory role. How can you optimize your customs processes to maintain a healthy relationship with customs?

Improve the efficiency and reduce the margin of error with flexible, intelligent processes

Incorrect returns go at the expense of your relationship with customs. But more important are the consequences for the relationship with your customers. Shipments may be delayed, leading to late deliveries and even fines. Of course, you want to avoid that as much as possible.

6 tips for a smooth collaboration with customs

As a logistics service provider with international clients, you have to deal with customs on a regular basis. Just as in every other relationship, it is wisely to maintain it. What are the points of attention? We have gathered and lined up the 6 key takeaways for you in our whitepaper.