Is your software not functioning as before? We’re sorry about that, but luckily your are at the right address at our support department. Together with you, we try to classify and follow up your question as soon as possible. That way you can get to work as if nothing happened. Read along to quickly find a solution.

The fastest route to a solution

Before we can find the right solution, first we need to clarify the situation. By using this roadmap for the Windows client or the Web client, you deliver an optimal description of your problem. That way we can offer you a solution as soon as possible.
Boltrics Support

Effortlessly solve errors

Do you receive an error from the system? In many cases, there is a standard protocol. Find out if this blog can help you. Do not worry if it does not, the entire Support-team is ready to help.

Share your screen

Our support department is happy to help with software that worked yesterday, but today not anymore. After you submit a support call, you will receive a response within 8 work hours via e-mail or phone. Further details you can find in the agreement you made with Boltrics. To deliver the best help possible, we might ask you to share your screen with us. For this, one of our colleagues will kindly ask you to start the program Teamviewer or Microsoft Teams. With one of these programs you can then share your screen. Click on the buttons below for using Teamviewer or Microsoft Teams and choose execute.

Support portal

Do you want to follow your notification? Then we can give you access to our support portal. In this secure environment, you can check the status of your reported questions. Besides that, you can find previsously solved issues here, so it is usable as a knowledge source.

Urgent problems

Do you have an urgent issue? Describe it in detail in an e-mail to With the support number that you receive via an automated reply, you can directly call us during office hours. Next, one of our colleagues will assist you.

In line with Microsoft

In its product support Boltrics adheres to the same terms & conditions as Microsoft. With our products we concur with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Roadmap. As such, you can rest assured that the latest versions or functionality added by Microsoft is also available to you.

Are you not satisfied?

All of our colleagues do their utmost to make sure that your software works perfectly. Would you encounter a delay or like to discuss, then you can contact your account manager. This colleague is your conctact regarding products, prices and our service.

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Microsoft Support

From useful walkthroughs till complete knowledge bases
Microsoft created a complete support page for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Here, you find useful tips, tricks and workarounds for specific questions.

View Microsoft’s support page

Knowledge base

Find relevant content per branch and subject

Are you looking for information about your WMS? Or would you like to know more about loading meters? Dig through the categories in our knowledge overview and find your answer.

Go to the knowledge base

Support | Boltrics

How can you reach our support colleagues?

Phone number: +31 (0)318 742 550

  • You can submit a support notification 24/7 via
  • With a clear problem description, including a repeatable scenarion, you increase your chances to get a quick solution.
  • You receive a notification number as a reply, which helps you referring in following communication. You can call our general phone number for this.