Whitepaper: Data as a gold mine – the best route to profitability

A thorough analysis can greatly improve your understanding of the current status of your company and its profitability. More and more companies are therefore looking into the opportunities on how to gain insight into the costs and revenues per trip. The challenge is, however, how do you allocate the revenue and costs of an order to a trip? Which methodology would be the best option to retrieve this information? And is there a structure available in order to do so?

The next step: data as a driver, AI for predictive power.

To gain better insight into how things work within their company, Business Analytics is being used more and more by logistics service providers. In the coming years, however, the focus will be increasingly on Artificial Intelligence (AI). What are the opportunities? And how can you make use of the power of AI for your organization?

The logistics branch is ready for AI

We have combined the most common KPIs for transport and the opportunities of AI for the logistics sector in one whitepaper.